Questions of area

What’s Brummie and what’s Black Country? It’s a difficult question, and one that we don’t pretend to have a answer to.

To ‘outsiders’ there’s very little difference in the dialects and accents, although Brummies and people from the Black Country can even detect differences between tiny areas.

Dialect or accent aren’t respecters of geographical boundaries – I grew up in Aston and Perry Bar, and I say ‘yampy’ as did my Brummie-born-and-bred mother and grandad, so if Brummies say it it’s part of our dialect.

So, what we’re saying here is – if you’re a Brummie and something is part of your language then feel free to add it to the ‘dictionary’. If you dissagree with an entry, feel free to comment and explain – but be civil about it.

We’re not trying to make a definitive, historical, guide more a social snapshot of words and phrases we’re proud of – a celebration. And celebrations of course should be fun.