Woahgun Talks Loike A Brummie

Right at the start, after a bit of T-Rex so you don’t have to listen to all of the show.

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Careful past yer grannies, this friday is TLAB Day 09

It’s simple, this Friday is Talk Like A Brummie Day — what do you have to do? Talk Like A Brummie.

Easy for some of you, harder for others, but there are pages of words and phrases to use n the TLAB dictionary and accent tips too. If you don’t speak to people much, feel free to “type like a Brummie” and pepper your internet communication with phonetic rendering a bit “loike” this.

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And we has a winner

I’ve just picked the random pledgee for the t-shirt out of my old bobble hat  – sal – we’ll be in touch.

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Phew it's all over, did you enjoy that?

Dark as it was over Bill’s Mother’s we throughly enjoyed Talk Like A Brummie Day 2007 – we’ll see if it’s had any effect at all, or whether we’ll need to do it all again in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who took part, or even took an interest – if you’re interested in the Brummie dialect, please pop over to www.talklikeabrummie.co.uk where we’re going to try to build a wikipedia-style Brummie dictionary.

If you’ve got anything else to say about the day, feell free to comment here!


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Central Tonight

I think we were on – I know I recorded a bit in the Bull Ring with them today, but I’ve been that busy I haven’t watched it. It should be on the interweb here soon.

They are about to do a bit about TLABD on the ONE Show, BBC One, 7pm (and we’re not on, but of course Adrian Chiles is so that’s okay)

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Chamberlain Sq event postponed

Due to extreme weather – it’s absolutely bucketing it down in Brum – the Brummie celebration planned for Chamberlain Square this afternoon is off. The organisers tell me that it may happen later in the summer.

Don’t stop talking like a Brummie – you  might want to do most of it indoors tho’!

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Today is Talk Like A Brummie Day – How're you getting on?

Hope you’re all enjoying Talk Like A Brummie Day – why not tell us how you’re getting on talking Brummie. The press are bound to ask us – and we’d love to share your stories.

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Some TLABD coverage from today, and tomorrow

Birmingham Mail

Birmingham Mail 2 

Quirky News

BBC WM – Phil Upton (Skip to about 1h 45mins in) 

Listen out for us on Heart FM and Kerrang Radio breakfast shows, as well as probably the Stephen Nolan Show on Radio Five Live tomorrow evening. (All subject to broadcasters whims and that, obivously).

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Get on the interweb

If you’ve always wanted to be on YouTube, but hadn’t got the diet coke and mentos, the TLAB Day team will be in Victoria Square tomorrow lunchtime (1-2) recording people for our tiny bit of the interweb video revolution.

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Talk Like A Brummie on the beach

In Chamberlain Square, from 12pm to 6pm on Friday people will be able to hear a panel of local experts, record their own favourite Brummie phrases and sayings for the BBC Big Screen and will have the chance to win special Birmingham prizes – some that money just can’t buy.

We’ll be there at the start to kick it off, and may hang around with our last few badges – if you’d like to grab one

Get down if you can even if it’s “looking a bit dark over Bill’s mother’s”.

EDIT: It’s been so dark over bill’s mother’s and everywhere that this has been postponed.

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