How often do we hear or read this on a slow news day? “The Brummie accent has been named the least intelligent” “least trustworthy” “least friendly” “most dishonest”? When the media needs a quick stupid stereotype what sort of voice do they pick?

Well us moaning isn’t going to change anything – let’s face it we’re bloody good at whinging and it hasn’t worked yet – so we should celebrate our accent and dialect and encourage everyone to ‘Talk Like a Brummie’ for one day.

That day is Friday 17th July 2009

2007’s  years inaugural Talk Like a Brummie Day was loads of fun, thousands of people (on top of the million or so that already do) spent one day practising their best Brummie accents and I spent the day rushing between TV and radio interviews. It did seem to raise conciousness of the plight of the Brummie, and there’s a sense (with no corroborating figures) that our accent might be less abused in the media.

That said there’s more to do, take adverts; for every cute Brummie Feta cheese that says “what have I towld yew about playin with yer food?” there’s a guy that knows too much about ballet while at a pub quiz machine and gets sucked up a tube.

But how good does “plié” sound in a Brummie accent? No wonder the Royal Ballet moved here.

Talk Like a Brummie Day is like Comic Relief. Not “associated with Lenny Henry and not funny”, but “every two years”.

So join us for all your Talking Like a Brummie requirements on Friday 17 July 2009.

The Brummie Dictionary project is still going, add your words or phrases.
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