Phew it's all over, did you enjoy that?

Dark as it was over Bill’s Mother’s we throughly enjoyed Talk Like A Brummie Day 2007 – we’ll see if it’s had any effect at all, or whether we’ll need to do it all again in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who took part, or even took an interest – if you’re interested in the Brummie dialect, please pop over to where we’re going to try to build a wikipedia-style Brummie dictionary.

If you’ve got anything else to say about the day, feell free to comment here!


About Jon Bounds

Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.
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  1. Katiee says:

    Whens Talk Like A Brummie Day 2008?

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