Today is Talk Like A Brummie Day – How're you getting on?

Hope you’re all enjoying Talk Like A Brummie Day – why not tell us how you’re getting on talking Brummie. The press are bound to ask us – and we’d love to share your stories.

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Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.
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14 Responses to Today is Talk Like A Brummie Day – How're you getting on?

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m off to a meeting in London today and I’m going to get all colleagues talking Brummie. They usually take the ‘p’ out of my accent anyway, so they can officially do it for the entire meeting to mark the occasion of Talk Like a Brummie Day!

    Well done on the campaign

  2. Paul Barber says:

    I work at Liverpool University & am proudly wearing a Birmingham shirt today.

    Am planning to award a prize to the colleague that talks in the best Brummie accent.


  3. Jenny Galloway says:

    My dad was born in Temple Street and that makes me half brummie. I have a favourite joke and here it is.

    1st Man Went down the cut today and I caught a whale.

    2nd Man What is a humpback or blue whale?

    1st Man No. It was a bicycle whale.

  4. Ann Wainmam says:

    Every day is a Brummie Day where I live. Been 20 odd years since living there (Northfield) but my kids still take the micky of my accent, specially when I say I’m going for a sharr (shower)

    My daughter used to have all her writtings at school corrected from “mom” to “mum”. Now she fills in the gap in the U (in mum) of my mothers day cards as she knows I am proud of my roots.

  5. bounder says:

    Just want to say “have a BOSTIN ‘ International
    Talk like a Brummie day’ ! ” We have just got back from a tour in
    Africa and looking at last nights evening mail,catching up on local
    news I saw the articicle.Wish I could join you in Chamberlain Square
    today but jetlag and fighting back the flood water around around our
    house prevents me ” its actually VERY dark over Bills Mothers”
    Anyway have a great day…Brian Travers UB40

  6. bounder says:

    from facebook:

    Danny Bernardi wrote
    at 3:23pm
    I am in Italy and when I am speaking Italian I am calling people bab. The Italians do not seem to think it all strange.

  7. Martin says:

    Oi, I talk like a Brummie EVERY day!

  8. Beverley Kinman says:

    So far so good .. I’ve only ‘ad a few stares but people over ‘ere in Ottawa are quite edjukated like, so they tend to just smile politely. Sum of ’em are too shy ta arske me ta repeat meself. If I wuz in Brum I wouldn’t have too many people saying “Yer wot luv ???” every time I say summat.
    ‘Ope everyone’s ‘avin a bostin day…..

  9. BostinBloke says:

    i’ve a bostin day even with the rain and train cancellations at new street..

    ..well done Bounder! 🙂

  10. fatboyfat says:

    I did my best to educate my colleagues in deepest, darkest….Coventry.

    It’s a jungle, let me tell you – at lunchtime they even refer to cobs as ‘batches’. What’s that all about?

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  12. rich says:

    errrm can i just say a lot of people are mixing up black country and brummie.

    tara a bit – yes is a brummie phrase.
    bostin – most definitely black country
    and as for this joke: –

    1st Man Went down the cut today and I caught a whale.

    2nd Man What is a humpback or blue whale?

    1st Man No. It was a bicycle whale.

    black country folk pronounce the e as an a not brummies!!! brummie would say wheeeeel black country would say whale. big difference!

  13. pez says:

    alright me babs ow are ya ?

  14. shardender says:

    ahh thats luvly of ya thanks a lot me ole babs

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