Talk Like A Brummie on the beach

In Chamberlain Square, from 12pm to 6pm on Friday people will be able to hear a panel of local experts, record their own favourite Brummie phrases and sayings for the BBC Big Screen and will have the chance to win special Birmingham prizes – some that money just can’t buy.

We’ll be there at the start to kick it off, and may hang around with our last few badges – if you’d like to grab one

Get down if you can even if it’s “looking a bit dark over Bill’s mother’s”.

EDIT: It’s been so dark over bill’s mother’s and everywhere that this has been postponed.

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Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.
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