Pin Ups and Pledges

Out of our own pocket and the goodness of our hearts we’ve had some badges made:

The first ten people to email us and ask nicely will be sent one. Otherwise you’ll just have to bump into one of the TLABD officials between now and the great day.

We’re also having a pledge sign-up page – add your name and position in this big ‘ol world in the comments on this page and send the link to all of your mates – Brummie or otherwise.

About Jon Bounds

Writer, honest. Currently working on Pier Review "a journey to the outcrops of a dying culture". Used to do Birmingham: It's Not Shit, Dirty Bristow, 11-11-11, Twitpanto et al.
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3 Responses to Pin Ups and Pledges

  1. Jaki Booth says:

    I pledge to talk loike a brummie on 20 July.

    Not sure about my position in this big ol’ world – currently practically asleep in the mighty B12. On the 20th I’ll be a guest at Loughborough Uni’s graduation ball, so will do my best with all of them east midlanders!

  2. bounder says:

    5 Badges gone, 5 left…

  3. bounder says:

    That’s it, they’re all gone. You’ll receive yours in the next day or two if you’ve got one – don’t forget to wear it all the way to Friday.

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