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See, we were in the Mail

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we'am in the Mail, and Chinny's in!

icBirmingham – Bid to let Brummies have their day City historian and Birmingham Mail columnist Professor Carl Chinn backed the bid and said attacks against the Brummie accent were based on snobbery. He added: “I long for the day when … Continue reading

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What did you do on Talk Like A Brummie Day daddy?

So, what have you got planned for Talk Like A Brummie Day on July the 20th – apart from talking like a Brummie obviously? Are you putting up the posters now, have you changed your screensaver, and put the desktop … Continue reading

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Ozzy, Toyah and Franks support TLABD

Or do they? Ozzy, Toyah, UB40, Frank Skinner and Frank Sidebottom have all become TLABDs friend on myspace, what that really means I don’t know. Can we just pop round for tea? We’ve got 150+ members in our Facebook | … Continue reading

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The day gambols nearer, 'the dictionary' is growing

The TLABD ‘dictionary’ is growing – 50 or more potential Brummie words and phrases. One of the favourite is being reminded of our lovely word for a ‘forward roll’ (or as our North Wales correspondant calls them a ‘toss over’), … Continue reading

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New Link – The Motherlode

Due to the magic of’s WayBack Machine – we’ve been able to add a link to the brilliant and comprehensive – where there’s more brummie phrases and dialect than we could shake a stick at.

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TalkLikeABrummie TV

kyte is a web video service that lets you upload your own ‘programmes’ by email, web – or even from your mobile phone. We’ve created a channel for you lot to upload videos of yourselves talking like a brummie. It’s … Continue reading

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Further social web fumblings

Would you like to be our myspace friend?

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Brummie is Beautiful

Steve Thorne – a proper language scolar tell us just why “Brummie is Beautiful”

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We're on facebook

One look at the profile will show that we don’t really ‘get’ this cultural web phenomenon, but here we are anyways.

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